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DarkSky’s 2017 Annual General Meeting presents the people and ideas leading the way in the cause to end light pollution. Join us for an exciting weekend with the agents of change who are passionately working to reclaim the night.


Hilton Boston Back Bay
Boston, MA

To book with the International Dark-Sky Association Annual Meeting:
Call 617-867-6100 and reference our group code, IDA


  • Student registration $25
  • Current member registration $125
  • Non-member registration $150 (which includes new membership)
  • NEW! One-day registration for Saturday, November 11 $50! Includes lunch and new membership


Reclaiming the Night: Policy and Technology as Tools of Change

Friday, November 10

  • Inspiring Change in Your Local Community | Success Case Studies
  • SKYGLOW Project: In Conversation with the Authors, Photographers, and Filmmakers behind SKYGLOW

Saturday, November 11

  • Emerging Technologies Revolutionizing the Nightscape
  • Policy & Enforcement that Matters
  • IDA Honors 2017 Award Recipients
  • Keynote Address: David Owen
  • Human Needs in the Built Environment
  • Views from Abroad
  • Factors that Motivate Change
  • Understanding Our Society’s Fear of the Night and How to Address It

Sunday, November 12

  • Intentionally Diversifying our Community for Greater Success
  • Open Forum: At 30 Years, What Does the Future Hold for DarkSky?

IDA 2017 AGM Program Details

Why should you attend DarkSky’s 2017 Annual General Meeting & Conference?

The DarkSky is recognized by many as the leading authority on light pollution and is the largest nonprofit organization working to protect night skies and combat light pollution worldwide.

The DarkSky membership gathers annually to share new ideas and a mutual passion for dark skies. When engineers, designers, planners, architects, astronomers, and dark sky enthusiasts from around the world come together in their passion for the conservation of the natural night, it sparks connections that lead to real change. Members return home invigorated and inspired in their fight to end light pollution.

This years DarkSky Annual Meeting & Conference in the Boston area will take place following the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo and the ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX 2017). These events bring together the foremost thinkers on sustainability and green design.

DarkSky’s Annual General Meeting & Conference will feature inspirational speakers, including experts in policy and lighting technology, who will discuss how to effectively use these as tools to reclaim the natural night environment. The conference will also showcase the future of night sky, wildlife, and neighbor-friendly lighting, and provide plenty of meaningful networking opportunities.

This November, make plans to join hundreds of fellow DarkSky members and supporters who share your passion for protecting the night.



Sponsorship opportunities

To become a sponsor, please contact Keith Ashley ([email protected]) or download our 2017 AGM Sponsorship Options.

You can read more about our philanthropic opportunities here.