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Brochures, factsheets, infographics, presentations, and more…

The outreach materials below are incredible tools to help spread the word about the harmful effects of light pollution and the importance of dark skies. All items can be downloaded as PDFs for print and distribution.

DarkSky members in the U.S. can request a limited supply of printed outreach materials. To request printed brochures or other outreach items, please fill out the brochure request form and tell us about the event you plan to hold or attend.


Protect the night

DarkSky’s general brochure defines light pollution and illustrates its negative impacts on wildlife habitats, human health, community safety, and more. It also includes DarkSky’s Five Principles for Outdoor Lighting, a great resource anyone can use to reduce light pollution around their home and community.


Light pollution…

DarkSky has numerous factsheets to help you learn and educate others about the negative impacts of light pollution. Each factsheet highlights a single topic, providing in-depth information about the importance of smart and sensitive lighting that protects the night.

What is light pollution?


Light pollution…

Destroys critical wildlife habitat


Harms human health


Decreases safety and security


Wastes energy and money


Handout Cards

Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting

Developed jointly by DarkSky and the Illuminating Engineering Society, these five simple principles will help you reduce light pollution around your home and community. Learn more


Rack card size (4″ x 9″)
PDF download
PDF w/ marks & bleed


Postcard size (8.5″ x 5.5″)
PDF download
PDF w/ marks & bleed


Light Pollution Wastes Energy infographics

A captivating set of infographics that break down the data on the amount of energy and money wasted due to bad lighting in an easy-to-understand manner. Share the individual images (JPG) on social media or via email, or download the one-sheet version (PDF) to distribute at your next event.

Energy infographic set


“Losing the Dark”

DarkSky’s “Losing the Dark” is a free informative six-minute introduction to light pollution that can either be streamed online or downloaded onto your computer.


DarkSky basics PowerPoint presentation

Download and use this general dark sky presentation, featuring an overview of the negative effects of light pollution on society and the environment.

English (PPT)
Arabic (PPT)

Sample Letter

Talking to your neighbors

Illustration of a hand writing a letter.

Have your neighbors installed lighting that shines onto your property and leaves you frustrated? We’ve created a sample letter to your neighbor (DOCX) that may help. Be sure to visit our My neighbor’s lighting page, too, for more information and suggestions on how to talk to your neighbors about their lighting.

Home Lighting Assessment

Is your home nature-, neighbor-, and night-sky-friendly?

Most people will find that a few simple changes can lead to home lighting that is both beautiful and functional, without contributing excessive light pollution.

Take the Home Lighting Assessment

Booth Displays

Pop-up booth displays

Wildlife Poster Display

Six pop-up displays, excellent for table-top events or booths, with the following themes:

  • Heritage of Our Night Sky
  • Light Pollution and Wildlife
  • Artificial Light at Night and Human Health
  • Lighting and Energy Waste
  • Lighting and Safety
  • Solutions

Booth displays (PDFs)