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Nighttime photo looking down into a city full of lights, with storm clouds and lightning in the distance.

About DarkSky

We are a recognized global authority on light pollution, empowering a global movement to protect the night sky.

Our mission

To restore the nighttime environment and protect communities and wildlife from light pollution.

Photo illustration of a silhouetted person standing with their bicycle on a dark path at night, with the Milky Way showing brightly in the background.
Photo illustration of a colorful, starry sky.

Our vision

Natural darkness at night is protected worldwide as essential for people and nature.

Our approach

We empower the dark sky movement and provide leadership, tools, and resources for individuals, policymakers, and industry to reduce light pollution and promote responsible outdoor lighting that is beautiful, healthy, and functional.

We bring the issue of light pollution to diverse communities worldwide, with the goal of creating access to information about the destructive impact of over-lighting and the benefits of responsible lighting.

Photo illustration of a man telling other people about responsible outdoor lighting at night.

Our values

In all our words and deeds we are guided by our core values.

  • Passionate: We are enthusiastic advocates for restoring and protecting the natural nighttime environment essential to all living things.
  • Inclusive: We believe the natural nighttime environment is a basic human right – for every person for all time – celebrated in diverse communities’ cultures and heritage. Light justice requires responsible lighting and access to a night free of light pollution, for everyone.
  • Collaborative: We build enduring relationships with those committed to reducing light pollution and restoring and protecting the natural nighttime environment. We seek common ground toward that goal with all stakeholders, including government and industry.
  • Informed: We base our actions on the best available scientific evidence and support further research on the causes, measurements, and solutions for light pollution.
  • Inspired: Our spirit is enriched by the wonders of the natural night – from the star-studded sky to the flash of a firefly.
  • Global: Our strength lies in being a global movement working locally to achieve our worldwide mission under One Dark Sky.