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Site credits


DarkSky staff

Lauren Scorzafava, communications associate emeritus

Various contributors

Project Management

Mark Bult

Lauren Scorzafava, communications associate emeritus

Design and UX

Mark Bult
Mark Bult Design

Web development

R. Scott LaMorte and Takahiro Noguchi
Campaign Upgrade

This site is built using WordPress, NationBuilder, Stripe, Cloudflare, and other amazing technologies.

This is the 6th (or 8th, depending on how you look at it) major version of since it was first registered and published in 1996. See archived versions at uses the typeface TT Norms Pro, designed by Marina Khodak, Ivan Gladkikh, and Pavel Emelyanov and available from TypeType.

The DarkSky brand identity was redesigned by Mark Bult in 2022 and debuted in March 2023.

Photos and image credits

Unless otherwise noted in the caption or credit line associated with each image on this site, photo and illustration copyright is held by each respective creator and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


Various — see each photo’s caption.

Reproducible photos are available in our Press Kit, coming soon.


Various — see each image’s caption.

Many illustrations featured on are by the talented Nadia Snopek / Shutterstock.


We use the excellent Feather Icons set with a bunch of custom additions.

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