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Enjoy watching some of our favorite videos on light pollution. For more videos on light pollution visit our YouTube channel.



Dark Nights, Illuminating Awareness (Noches Oscuras, iluminando conciencias)

Documentary · 2023 · 28 min.

A documentary about the actions to mitigate light pollution on Palmarito Beach, Oaxaca, México, created by the volunteers of the Palmarito Turtle Camp (Campamento tortuguero Palmarito).

Dark Sacred Night

Documentary · 2023 · 15 min.

An award-winning new light pollution documentary has been released by Princeton University’s Office of Sustainability. Dark Sacred Night is a short film about light pollution and why darkness matters, featuring Professor Gaspar Bakos of Princeton’s Department of Astrophysics.

Defending the Dark

Documentary · 2022 · 35 min.

Director Tara Roberts Zabriskie and advocates from Dark Sky Maine released Defending the Dark, a documentary film about dark sky protection in Maine and what can be done to bring back the night sky. It has been shown on PBS and screened at several film festivals and at the American Astronomical Society meeting in June 2023.

Seeing Stars Leiden

Documentary · 2022 · 1:20 min.

On one night in October 2022, the city of Leiden, Holland, was the site of a remarkable experiment. In the wide vicinity of the Leiden Observatory, all the lights were turned off by thousands of citizens. Although it was cloudy, Saturn and other stars could be seen in the heart of the city.

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In Search of the Stars

Documentary · 2022 · 12 min.

Follow Dark Sky Defender Sriram Murali on a journey into the Western Ghats of India, in quest of the stars. From fireflies to great hornbills, a naturally dark place is also a naturally wild place. In Search of the Stars explores the profound relationship between the night skies, wildlife and humans.

Lights Out Texas Bird Collision Monitoring

Documentary · 2022 · 1 min.

Guardians of the Night: Reducing Light Pollution on Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches

Documentary · 2020 · 10 min.

Since 2010, Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) has retrofitted beachfront properties in Florida through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. With help from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, local sea turtle permit holders, code enforcement personnel and lighting distributors, STC has retrofitted more than 200 beachfront properties in Florida.

Skyglow: Hunting the Dark

Documentary · 2017 · 2:11 min.

In collaboration with the DarkSky International, photographers / filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan sought the darkest skies on earth for their photo project “Skyglow,” exploring the history and mythology of celestial observation and the dark sky movement that’s fighting to reclaim the night skies.

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Losing the Dark

Planetarium show · 2013 · 6:25 min.

Losing the Dark is a short planetarium show and video on light pollution, available as a free download in 23 languages. A collaboration between DarkSky and Loch Ness Productions, the film introduces and illustrates some of the issues regarding light pollution and suggests three simple actions people can take to help mitigate it.

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For more videos on light pollution visit our YouTube channel.