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Stacy Park

Night sky above Stacy Park.
Night view west from Stacy Park overlooking the Bayer Campus lights in neighboring Creve Coeur, MO. PC: Ann K Aurbach.


Stacy Park is a 35-acre park located in Olivette, Missouri and is approximately 10 miles west of St. Louis City. Established in 1926, Stacy Park is one of five parks in Olivette and is very popular with Olivette residents and residents of nearby cities. It contains soccer fields and two baseball diamonds that are used by the city’s youth sports program. There is a .75-mile blacktop walking path around the park and a recently added wood chip nature trail through the wooded area in the southern part of the park.

Night viewing activities take place in the center of the park, as it is a flat area where telescopes can easily be set up and it is away from tall trees so a large part of the sky can be seen. Skyglow from the surrounding community is mitigated by tall trees along the boundary of the park on all sides and the structure of Stacy Park Water Reservoir. The Park gates are open 24 hours a day with one weekend per month designated for stargazing activities to encourage night sky viewing. Additionally, Stacy Park partners with the IDA Missouri Chapter, Missouri Master Naturalists, St. Louis Audubon Society, and the St. Louis Astronomical Society to offer programs on preserving the night sky and the detrimental effects of light pollution on wildlife and the environment.




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