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Fry Family Park

View of the Milky Way above Fry Family Park. PC: Terry Mann
Night view looking south from the shelter at Fry Family Park. In the distance you can see the skyglow from the surrounding cities near Magnolia, Ohio. Photo Credit: Terry Mann.


Fry Family Park is located in southern Stark County, approximately 8 miles from Canton, Ohio. This 348-acre property is known for its rural country setting, rolling topography, scenic views, grassland, and hardwood forested ecosystems and honors the memory of Stark Park’s first director, Richard Fry, and his family. The farm is an assemblage of parcels that partially recreates the original Fry farmstead of the late nineteenth century. The Stark County Park District views Fry Family Park as a restorative park environment for visitors, one of seclusion and retreat that takes advantage of the farm’s natural character. Given its location and its natural attributes, the vision of a “retreat to nature” perfectly captures its potential.

Although there are several sources of light pollution within 100 miles, Fry Family Park is ranked 4.5 on the Bortle Scale with an average sky brightness of 20.49 to 20.91 mag/sq arcsec. To celebrate the night sky, the park holds multiple astronomy events throughout the year. Night-sky viewing can occur at any time by accessing the Westbrook Trailhead location. While on site, flashlights must operate in ‘red-light’ only mode, and flash photography, cell phones, and tablets on the astronomy field are prohibited.




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