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Message from Co-Founder Tim Hunter




Help IDA Save Dark Skies


I grew up in the 1950’s in Arlington Heights, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. The skies were dark in those days. I could easily see the Milky Way. My main concern was getting away from the Dutch elm trees in our yard which blocked a good portion of the sky here and there. Sadly, the elm trees and the dark skies are now gone. The elm trees have been replaced by stately maple trees. The dark skies are now blotted out by extensive light pollution. Someday disease-resistant Dutch elm trees could make a comeback. I hope so. What is even more challenging than bringing back Dutch elm trees is restoring the stars to suburban and urban skies. The challenge is daunting, but the solution is rather simple – turn off unnecessary lights, use only the amount of light needed for the task at hand, and shield all lighting so it shines down where it is needed not up into the sky or a neighbor’s window. IDA is making a big difference. Many good lighting fixtures are available, dark sky places are being preserved, lighting ordinances are more common, and the detrimental health and ecological effects of poor nighttime lighting are better understood. Please contribute whatever you can to the International Dark Sky Association’s 2017 Matching Gift Challenge.

Tim Hunter, IDA Co-Founder


Give Now and Double Your Impact


Your gift – $50, $250, or $1,000 – whatever amount is right for you – will be doubled, but only for a short time. Please help us raise $140,000. Every dollar you give will be put to work right away to support our dark sky programming.