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Lisa Heschong to present keynote at 2022 Under One Sky Conference

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We are pleased to announce that Lisa Heschong is a keynote speaker for the International Dark-Sky Association’s 2022 Under One Sky Conference. The virtual conference will take place across 24 hours from November 11-12. During the Under One Sky 2022, you’ll hear from experts and storytellers in the dark sky movement, connect with passionate individuals from IDA’s global network, and learn about hands-on activities and tools that you can use to protect the night through engagement workshops. Lisa will present during the Global Opening.  Registration for the conference is free but required. 

Keynote abstract: Day and Night, Life and Light

Our spinning planet receives a massive daily flow of energy from the sun. This radiant energy fuels a myriad of life forms, which all must maintain a careful energy balance of activity, growth and reproduction tied to the planet’s rhythms of day and night, dark and light, warm and cold.

Eons of evolution have helped life forms adapt to the planet’s rhythmic complexity, far beyond simple 24-hour day-night cycles: evolutionary success is dependent upon correctly anticipating subtle variations in twilight transitions, tides, and weather, along with extreme seasonal variations. Humans are no exception.

Our constructed environments, cities, buildings, and infrastructure, including artificial lighting systems, should all work in support of both human and planetary health. Day and night are very different design conditions, and yet they are two sides of the same coin, intimately tied to our fundamental evolutionary physiology. This talk will explore the many ways that healthier daytime environments can influence healthier nights, and visa versa.

More about Lisa Heschong, FIES

Author: Visual Delight in Architecture

Lisa Heschong has spent her career making connections between human experience and our built environment. Trained both as an architect and ecologist, the interplay between human physiology and the physical design of cities and buildings has always been a deep fascination.

After a long career researching the energy performance of buildings, especially relating to lighting and daylighting design, she more recently turned her attention to how buildings also impact our health and well-being.

Her newest book Visual Delight in Architecture: Daylight, Vision and View (Routledge 2021) explores the importance of daylight and view in our lives. Her first book, Thermal Delight in Architecture, (MIT Press 1979) explored how thermal experience might enrich the design of buildings.

She is a Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and a proud member of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) local chapter in Santa Cruz, California.


Register for Under One Sky 2022 here.