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Nightscape #115 · March 2024

We are delighted to bring you the digital version of the March 2024 Nightscape magazine.

This ground-breaking issue of Nightscape is the first one being mailed to DarkSky members in nearly three dozen countries where previously it was only available online. For longtime member-subscribers, you’ll notice it’s also physically smaller. By reducing our magazine’s width, we were able to drastically reduce our U.S. postage costs, thereby saving enough to start mailing to members outside the U.S. for the first time! But have no fear — even though the pages are a little narrower, there are more pages per issue, so you’ll get the same amount of great dark sky advocacy coverage every issue. And there’s always more at

In this issue:

  • Africa’s Starry Nights
  • Report from Ethiopia 386: Symposium on dark skies
  • Seven new International Dark Sky Places
  • News & notables
  • Advocate highlights
  • + more!

You can flip through the magazine page by page. This works best on large screens, and click the fullscreen icon for best results.

You can also download Nightscape #115 · March 2024 (PDF).

Nightscape is a quarterly magazine and a member benefit. New issues are mailed to DarkSky paid members and made available digitally on the website. When the subsequent issue publishes, the previous issue becomes available to the general public online.