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IDA Publishes in LED Professional magazine

Filtered LED (left) and amber LED (right) lighting under test at an intersection in Flagstaff, Arizona. Photo by John Barentine (IDA).

IDA is excited to announce the publication of our ‘special topic’ article “The Value of Dark Skies – About Environmentally Friendly Lighting” in the March/April issue of LED Professional magazine. We are always trying to reach industry professionals with our message about the importance of dark skies and responsible lighting, and the publication of this comprehensive, five-page article has the potential to reach more than 50,000 of these professionals.

This issue of LED Professional is the “Lightfair” edition, which means it will be distributed at Lightfair International 2016, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, attracting more than 28,000 lighting and architectural design, engineering, energy, facility and industry professionals from around the world.

LED Professional is a product of LED Professional publications. We are very grateful to LED Professional and the magazine’s editor for allowing us to publish this article on our website.

Read “The Value of Dark Skies – About Environmentally Friendly Lighting” here (PDF).