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2017 Matching Gifts Challenge

Help us raise $140,000 for dark skies!

Give now and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar!


For the past 29 years, International Dark-Sky Association has made lasting inroads in our fight against light pollution. The accomplishments we have achieved together are making a difference, but it would be a mistake to think that we can continue this work without generous gifts from supporters such as you. For the next 45 days, you can double your financial impact because your gift of $50, $250, $1,000 – whatever amount best suits your budget – will be matched dollar for dollar by several IDA donors who have generously pledged their support to this critical campaign. Imagine what your gift, doubled, can do to protect the night sky!


Because of your financial support, we have now certified 79 International Dark Sky Places. That’s 67,707 square kilometers of land that would not be protected Dark Sky Places, were it not for you. Dark Sky Places provide safe and natural nighttime environments for nocturnal wildlife and offer millions of people around the world the opportunity to experience awe-inspiring dark skies. We often hear from friends and supporters that a visit to a Dark Sky Place was their first time witnessing truly dark skies, and that the experience touched them deeply. Dark Sky Places offer folks a unique opportunity that often inspires them to become dark sky supporters – an experience that would not be possible without your generous financial support.


The reality of a starry night is one that transcends our differences. One of our greatest joys is witnessing people from all walks of life coming together in their passion for the night sky. In fact, earlier this year we announced our first transnational Dark Sky Park, which spans the U.S. and Canadian border! The new 4,606 square kilometer park consists of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta and Glacier National Park in Montana. Agencies from both countries collaborated closely on this groundbreaking project, embracing IDA’s longstanding tradition of affecting change through citizen action, community cooperation, and shared values. Thanks to your support, what was once the glimmer of a dream is now a starry reality the entire world can share!


Another proud tradition at IDA is supporting our thousands of dark sky advocates around the world – many of whom are today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Because of your investments, IDA now has 65 chapters in 18 countries, each comprised of concerned citizens who act every day to foster positive, meaningful, and lasting impacts to reduce light pollution in their communities. One example made possible through your generous financial support is the work of IDA chapter leader, Diane Knutson of Rapid City, South Dakota, who spearheaded the city’s Dark Sky Hour.


During the Dark Sky Hour, local businesses and residents turned off their lights and gathered to view the night sky through telescopes provided by local astronomers. Attendees were greeted by nocturnal animals from the local raptor center, invited to visit with rangers from nearby Dark Sky Parks, and were able to view films about the impact of light pollution on the night sky. Thanks to Diane’s leadership and love for the night, hundreds of people from her community were introduced to the idea of dark skies for the very first time. Without your gifts, IDA would be unable to support our chapters – and committed nighttime stewards such as Diane – in achieving the broad-scale impact that they inspire.


Now, more than ever, people are turning to the experts at International Dark-Sky Association for help in addressing light pollution in their communities and around the world. Each month, we receive dozens of requests on how to talk to neighbors about light pollution, how to broach the topic with decision makers and opinion leaders, and for educational materials that will make an impact. The sheer number of requests has demonstrated that the public now recognizes light pollution as an important issue that requires our collective attention. With your support we can make a difference to reduce light pollution and its environmental impacts.


This is why I am asking you to please join our efforts today – and provide a gift that will be matched dollar for dollar. Your donation of $50 becomes a donation of $100, your contribution of $250 becomes a contribution of $500, and your check of $1,000 becomes a check of $2,000! With your generous philanthropic spirit IDA will continue to expand our impact in reducing light pollution worldwide so that we can all have better nights.


With gratitude,
J. Scott Feierabend
Executive Director



P.S. Don’t forget that your gift – $50, $250, or $1,000 – whatever amount is right for you – will be doubled for the next 45 days. Please help us raise $140,000. Every dollar you give will be put to work right away to support our dark sky programming.


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