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A Collection of Light Pollution Lesson Plans for Educators

Photo by Grand Canyon National Park. 2012 Star Party 1151.

Once we realize the importance and urgency of reducing and eliminating light pollution, how do we educate others? We’ve compiled some informative, interactive, and fun lesson plans educators can incorporate into their curriculum.


Lesson Plans

The Case of the Disappearing Dark Sky, created by the NPS Webrangers

Too Bright at Night?, created by ScienceNetLinks

Persuasive Photo Essay, created by teAchnology

Light Pollution and Shielding Lab, created by The National Optical Astronomy Observatory’s Dark Skies and Energy Education Program

What is Light Pollution, by The National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Light Pollution: Beyond the Glare, by the American Museum of Natural History

Hands-on-Activity: Measuring Light Pollution, by Teach Engineering


Educational Standards


National Standards for History

10.1.11 ( World History Grades 5-12 ): Analyze ways in which human action has contributed to long-term changes in the natural environment in particular regions or worldwide.

Next Generation Science Standards / Grade Level Disciplinary Core Ideas

5-ESS3.C.1 ( Fifth Grade ): Human activities in agriculture, industry, and everyday life have had major effects on the land, vegetation, streams, ocean, air, and even outer space. But individuals and communities are doing things to help protect Earth’s resources and environments.